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T-Ball Kids (m/f)

T-Ball is a variant of baseball, in which children from 4 to 8 years of age are introduced to the sport in a playful way. T-Ball got its name from a T-shaped stand from which the balls are hit.

In training, the children learn the basic techniques of baseball: to hit balls from the tee, to throw a ball in a targeted manner, to pick up balls rolling on the ground with a glove and finally to catch thrown or hit balls. We pay attention to the age-specific and personal development of the children, since the motor skills and especially the hand-eye coordination develop strongly in the age range from 4 to 8 years. Maximum attention spans also differ enormously, so that for parts of the training our youngest players often practice very entertaining and very fun exercises in a separate group with coaches. And if, as a four-year-old, after a while you can't or don't want to anymore, then that's perfectly fine. The older T-ball players around the age of 6 to 8 master basic techniques, especially throwing and catching balls with pinpoint accuracy, and can already implement moves, such as the "simple" groundout at first base.

The attacking game in baseball, which consists of knocking the ball away and running over the bases (hit and run), is something that our youngest children learn very quickly, which is certainly due to the great fun factor or because you just look really cool with a helmet and bat. Safety is very important to the Karlsruhe Cougars and all of our T-ball players learn the basic safety rules when using baseball bats.

Baseball is a gentlemanly sport and in addition to many official rules of the game there are a number of unwritten rules. Sporting fairness and respectful behavior towards coaches and fellow players - also and especially towards those of the opposing team - are values ​​that we want to convey.

Games against other teams are organized in the form of tournaments in which one thing is in the foreground: The fun of the children in the movement and being part of a team and the baseball community. The Little Cougars Cup takes place once a year in our ball park, where teams from Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse find their way to Karlsruhe.

If you are looking for a sport for your daughter or son that is varied and not very common, then send us a short message HERE and join our training with your future T-Ball Allstar.

Practice Schedule

Indoor Season (January - March, November - December)
Sat: 10:00  -  12:00 Team Practice, Merkur-Akademie
Outdoor Season (April - October)
Sat: 12:00  -  14:00 Team Practice, Cougars-Ballpark, Field 3


Saskia Ammoneit, Team Manager, Tryout Practice

Game Reports

Nord-Baden Titans glänzen beim ersten deutschen U10 Supercup im Coach Pitch

T-Ball, T-Ball (U12), Away Game Author: hd

Am 21. und 22. Juni 2024 fand in Köln der erste deutsche U10 Supercup im Coach Pitch statt, der zugleich die Deutsche Meisterschaft für unter [...]

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Cougars triumphieren beim T-Ball Turnier in Herrenberg

T-Ball, T-Ball (U8), Away Game Author: hd

Am 16. Juni 2024 fand in Herrenberg ein spannendes T-Ball Turnier statt, bei dem die kleinen Cougars der Karlsruhe Cougars ihr Können unter Beweis [...]

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Erfolgreiches U8-Baseball-Turnier in Karlsruhe: Cougars sichern sich den Sieg

T-Ball, T-Ball (U8), Home Game Author: hd

Am 04. Mai 2024 fand auf dem Gelände der Karlsruhe Cougars ein spannendes Baseball-Turnier für die jüngsten Talente statt. Das Turnier für unter [...]

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Little Cougars Cup 2024

T-Ball, Home Game Author: fm

Der 1. Baseball-Softball-Cricket Verein lädt am 04.05.2024 zum LITTLE COUGARS CUP 2024 ein. Unsere Jüngsten (4-8 Jahre) im Verein treffen auf [...]

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Cougars T-Ball Team beim Polar Plate Showdown in Darmstadt

T-Ball, T-Ball (U8), Away Game Author: hd

Die T-Ball Mannschaft der Karlsruhe Cougars hat am 14. Januar 2024 eindrucksvoll am Polar Plate Showdown der Darmstadt Whippets teilgenommen und dabei [...]

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