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Softball Youth (f)

For our softball youth team (age group 13 to 15) there are currently no regular games in the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV). As long as this is still the case, friendly matches are played against youth teams from other clubs. Talented players are already getting their first assignments with the softball juniors. Nevertheless, entry into the softball sport at this age is ideal, so girls interested in sports are always welcome. The team is coached by youth national coach Stephanie Küpers. A number of players have made it into the youth national team in recent years and were allowed to take part in European and World Championships. Nationally, the team has been participating in the German U15 Championship for many years, which has been held in Karlsruhe every October since 2009. The team has already brought the German U15 championship title to Karlsruhe twice, most recently in 2019 in a game community with the Stuttgart Reds.

Practice schedule

Summer (April + October)
Tu + Th: 17:30 - 19:00, Team Practice, Cougars Ballpark, Field 2
Winter (November - March)
Tu: 17:30 - 19:00, Team Practice, Jakobusschule
Th: 17:30 - 20:30, Team Practice, Marylandschule


Stephanie Küpers, Head Coach, Tel.: +49(0)721-617414, Tryout Practice

Game Reports

U16-DM: Freising holt souverän die Deutsche Meisterschaft

Softball, Youth Author: rh

Die Freising Grizzlies gewinnen ungeschlagen die Deutsche Meisterschaft der Softball Jugend in der Altersklasse der bis 16-Jährigen (U16). Die [...]

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Deutsche Meisterschaft Softball Jugend (U16) 2021

Softball, Youth Author: rh

Nach dem durch die Corona-Pandemie verursachten Ausfall im letzten Jahr findet die Deutsche Meisterschaft im Jugend Softball für Spielerinnen in der [...]

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Softball U16 Länderpokal: Knapp an Titelverteidigung vorbei geschrappt

Softball, Youth, Away Game Author: al

Die Softball U16 Auswahl des Baden-Württembergischen Baseball und Softball Verbandes (BWBSV) unterliegt im Finale des Länderpokals dem Team aus Bayern [...]

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Softball Jugend DM 2020

Softball, Youth Author: rh

Abgesagt Die für das übernächste Wochenende 24.-25.10.2020 im Cougars-Ballpark angesetzte Deutsche Meisterschaft Softball Jugend 2020 wurde [...]

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Die U16 Softball Auswahlmannschaft des Landes Baden-Württemberg schaffte es beim Länderpokal am vergangenen Wochenende in Stuttgart, den Pokal zum [...]

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21 Jule Breuninger *
Position(s): OF, 2B, P
Previous Club: Stuttgart Reds
15 Maya Castro
Active since: 2020
Position(s): OF
Hanna El-Ayoubi *
Position(s): OF, 3B
Previous Club: Mannheim Tornados
10 Nike Lenhart
Active since: 2018
Position(s): 2B, OF
90 Jule Walther
Position(s): OF, 3B, C
Previous Club: Schriesheim Raubritter
Jessica Weil *
Position(s): 2B, SS
Previous Club: Stuttgart Reds
Statistics: Weil, Jessica
*Pickup player other club


Stephanie Küpers
Function: Headoach
Linda Mößner
Function: Assistant Coach


Currently no league operations


Currently no events scheduled