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1. Baseball und Softball Club Karlsruhe Cougars e.V.
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Softball Women 1

Games of our 1st women's softball team in German softball division 1 (Bundesliga, DBV), in state softball trophy (BWBSV), ...

Softball Women 2

Games of our 2nd women's softball team in the state softball division 2 (Verbandsliga, BWBSV)

Softball Juniors (U19, f)

Games of our juniors softballteam (19 under, female)

Softball Youth (U16, f)

Games of our youth softball team (16 under, female)

Softball Youth German Championships (U16, f)

Games from the German Championships, softball (16 under, female)

Softball BWBSV (U16/U19)

Games of the state selection (BWBSV) youth softball team (16 under, female) and juniors team (19 under, female)

Softball DBV (U15, U19, U22)

Games of the DBV National Teams (U16, U19, U22))

Softball Co-Ed FP

Games of our co-ed softball fastpitch team

Softball Co-Ed SP

Games of our co-ed softball slowpitch team

Baseball Men 1

Games of our 1st men's baseball team in German division 2 (2. Bundesliga, DBC), division 3 (Verbandsliga, BWBSV), and state trophy contest (BWBSV)

Baseball Men 2

Games of our 2nd men's Baseball team, in Baseball Division 4 (BWBSV, Landesliga) and Division 5 (BWBSV, Bezirksliga), ...

Baseball Men 3

Games of our 3rd men's baseball team in German division 5 (Bezirksliga, BWBSV)

Baseball Youth (U15, m)

Games of our youth baseball team (15 under, male)

Baseball Cadets (U12, m/f)

Games of our co-ed cadets baseball team (12 under)

Baseball BWBSV (U12/U15/U18)

Games of the BWBSV selection teams pupils (age group up to 12 years), youth (age group: up to 15 years, f) and juniors (age group: up to 18 years)

Baseball DBV (U12)

Games of the DBV Baseball National Teams (12 Under, m)

T-Ball (U8, m/f)

Games of our co-ed kids t-ball team (8 under)


Various events with Cougars participation