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Play Baseball, Softball or Cricket at the Karlsruhe Cougars!

The Cougars' junior teams are always happy to meet boys and girls who want to learn a varied sport that not only demands running, throwing balls, catching and hitting but also quick reactions. Hardly any other sport is so versatile.

The rules of the game may be unfamiliar, but the principle can be explained in a few minutes.

In the youth teams of the Cougars you can learn the sport from the age of 4, which attracts millions of players and spectators not only in the USA, but also in Central and South America, in the Caribbean, in Asia and also in Europe.

Youth and Junior Teams

T-Ball (4 to 8 Years, m/f)

T-Ball is a variant of baseball, in which children from 4 to 8 years of age are introduced to the sport in a playful way. Boys and girls play together in co-ed teams. T-Ball got its name from a T-shaped stand from which the balls are hit. Games against other teams are organized in the form of tournaments with one thing in the foreground: The children's enjoyment of exercise and being part of a team and the baseball community.

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Baseball Cadets (8 to 12 Years, m/f)

In this age group, girls and boys still play together in co-ed teams. The balls are already been thrown to the batter by the so-called pitcher. The rules of adult sport are adapted to the younger players e.g. shorter games on a smaller playing field. Games take place as part of a cadets league organized by the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV).

Two players from the Cougars cadets team were appointed to the German national team in the 2017 season and were allowed to take part in the U12 baseball European championships in the Netherlands and the U12 baseball world championships in Taiwan. In the 2019 season, the Cougars U12 team won championship titles in the national league.

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Baseball Youth (13 to 15 Years, m)

In this age group, the players develop the basics of baseball. However, the training includes more tactical aspects of the game than in the U12 team, such as plays that depend on the game situation. The youth team plays on a field whose dimensions are between those of the cadets field and those of the adult field.

The cool boys of the youth baseball team can be seen at the beginning of the image video above, played in the state league of the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV) in the 2019 season and were able to secure the championship unbeaten.

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Softball Youth (13 to 15 Jahre, f)

From this age group, girls switch to softball games and now only play with girls. The name softball does not mean that soft balls are used. The ball is as hard as a baseball, just bigger and yellow. The playing field is slightly smaller than a baseball field. The rules are essentially the same.

The softball youth team plays in the state league, whose game operations are organized by the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV). In recent years, female players have made it into the national team of the German Baseball and Softball Association (DBV). Most recently, one of the Cougars' players was allowed to take part in the U16 Softball European Championship 2019 in Zagreb (Croatia) and achieved 6th place with her team. The team is caoched by U16 national coach Stephanie Küpers.

The Karlsruhe Cougars regularly host the German U16 Softball Championship. Most recently, the team won the German championship in this age group in 2019.

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Baseball Juniors (16 to 18 Years, m)

In this age group, the youngsters already play on the large baseball field with normal dimensions. The team is currently still under development. Training is already taking place together with the men's team, where the junior players already get their first stakes.

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Softball Juniors (16 to 18 Years, f)

In this age group, too, the players are introduced to adult play. Of course, beginners still have the option of joining here. The more experienced players already get their first appearances in the second or even the first women's team.

The team was able to win the Baden-Württemberg championship several times and twice the German championship in this age group (most recently in 2019). A number of Cougars juniors have made it into the junior national team in the past. The team is coached by Stephanie Küpers, who works as a pitching coach for the U19 national team.

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Adult Teams

Baseball Men (from 19 Years, m)

The first men's team is the club's flagship in baseball. The team played in the divison 2 for many years and also in division 1 for a year. If you already have playing experience and enjoy regular competition, this is the right place. Baseball players from home and abroad find their home here with the Cougars.

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Softball Women 1 (from 19 Years, f)

The first women's team is the club's figurehead in the field of softball. Since 1998 the team has played as a founding member in the top German division 1 league, the softball Bundesliga. Numerous players from the ranks of the team have made it into the national team in the past and represented the club colors at European and World Championships. The team is regularly supported by players from abroad (USA, Canada, France, ...). Players with paying experience from home and abroad will find their home here with the Cougars.

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Softball Women 2 (from 19 Years, f)

Our second women's team takes part in the softball association division 2 league of the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV). On the one hand, young female players whose goal is to play in the division 1 Bundesliga are coached here. On the other hand, female athletes who want to try another sport as a career changer are introduced to softball. If you enjoy regular competitive sports against other teams, this is the right place for you.

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Softball Co-ed Fastpitch (19 to 99 Years, m/f)

The offer in our co-ed teams is aimed at women and men regardless of age. From 19 to 60 everything is represented. Fastpitch describes the softball variant in which the pitcher quickly throws the ball from below to the batsman with a circling arm movement. This variant is aimed at ambitious athletes who enjoy competing with other teams. Sporty ambitious lateral entrants have the opportunity to get into our sport.

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Softball Co-ed Slowpitch (19 to 99 Years, m/f)

Again, men and women of all ages play together in a team. In contrast to fastpitch, the ball is thrown slowly in a high arc so that it is easier to hit. The focus here is on the friends of play and movement. There is no regular league operation. Instead, the team takes part in invitation tournaments and also organizes its own tournaments.

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Cricket - Herren (ab 19 Jahre, m)

Cricket is currently only offered to adults at the Cougars. Players with playing experience from home and abroad are always welcome here. Many of the players come from countries (Pakistan, India, Afghanistan) where cricket is the number one sport. If you are interested in regular matches in the German cricket leagues, this is the place for you.

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