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German Championship 2023 - Softball Youth

The German Youth Softball Championship for players in the U16 age group (up to 16 years old) will take place again this year in the Cougars Ballpark. At the 14th edition of the tournament, which is also open to gaming communities, players born between 2007 and 2010 as well as additional jumpers are eligible to play in accordance with BuSpO Art. 12.1.01 and .02.

Because 8 teams registered this year, the games will only be played on two fields instead of three. The following eight teams or syndicates are taking part. Some individual players from other clubs have also joined various gaming communities, so that a total of 15 clubs are represented by 111 players:

  • Berlin Ravens
  • Freising Grizzlies
  • Gammertingen Royals
  • SG Karlsruhe Cougars / Stuttgart Reds
  • SG München-Haar Disciples / Füssen Royal Bavarians
  • Neunkirchen Nightmares
  • Guggenberger Legionäre Regensburg
  • SG Schriesheim Raubritter / Main-Taunus Redwings

Customizable merchandising items can be printed and purchased during the tournament by Fine Designs.

A tournament like this cannot be carried out without the commitment of many helpers. Ground crew, catering and scoring need to be organized and umpires are needed to conduct the game. At this point we would like to thank everyone in advance who sacrifices their free time to make progress in the youth softball sector.


Bernd Denz (UIC*)
Thomas Haller
Patrik Knechtle
Len Lather
Simon Mohr
Oliver Thum

*UIC = Umpire in Chief



Lisa Delay
Rolf Hammer
Katrin Krieger
Malte Neuper
Kristin Winkler


Technischer Kommissar

Daniel Nestke


Carmen Thiemecke
und Team


Stéphanie Küpers
Carmen Thiemecke


Clubs involved

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