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Softball Tryouts

Are you an ambitious softball player who is looking for competition at the highest level?

Then you are right with us. Our Bundesliga (division 1) women team is looking for players with playing experience for the coming season. Interested? Then get in touch with us and come by for a tryout practice session. Practice times and directions to the sports gyms can be found below.

Softball Division 1

Our first women's team was founded in 1995. In just a few years, the team was able to work its way up from the regional league through the association league to the Bundesliga (Diviision 1). In 1998 the team qualified for the first time to take part in a German championship. Since the foundation of the Softball Bundesliga (1999), our team has been continuously represented in the top German league. At the state level, the team has already won the title in the cup competition of the Baden-Württemberg Baseball and Softball Association (BWBSV) several times (2005, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017-19). At the national level, the team regularly reached the playoff round in the Bundesliga game operations of the German Baseball and Softball Association (DBV). In 2014-2019 they failed in the quarter-finals of the German Cup.

Practice Schedule

Indoor Season (January - March, December)
Tue: 20:00  -  21:30 Team Practice, Jacobusschule
Wed: 20:00  -  21:00 Pitcher/Catcher Practice, Schillerschule
Fri: 21:30  -  23:00 Team Practice, Heisenberg-Gymnasium
Outdoor Season (April, October)
Tue, Fri: 19:30  -  21:00 Team Practice, Cougars-Ballpark, Feld 2
Wed: 19:30  -  21:00 Pitcher/Catcher Practice, Cougars-Ballpark, Feld 2
Outdoor Season (May - September)
Tue, Thu: 20:00  -  22:00 Team Practice, Cougars-Ballpark, Feld 2
Wed: 20:00  -  21:30 Pitcher/Catcher Practice, Cougars-Ballpark, Feld 2


Rolf Hammer, Head Coach, Tryout Practice

Game Reports

Damen 1: Schlagfestival in Spiel 1, Pitcher-Duell in Spiel 2

Softball, Women 1, Home Game Author: rh

Zwei packende Spiele wurden den Zuschauern am Wochenende im Cougars-Ballpark geboten.

Spiel 1

Die erste Partie des Tages wurde von den [...]

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Cougars finden in die Erfolgsspur zurück

Softball, Women 1, Home Game Author: rh

Die Cougars Defensive um die Battery Selina Günzel (P) und Finja Binder (C) fand gut ins Spiel und konnte die Stuttgarterinnen in den ersten drei [...]

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Softball Bundesliga Home Opener 2023

Softball, Women 1, Home Game Author: rh

Am kommenden Samstag (06.05.2023) starten die Cougars gegen Regensburg in die ersten Heimspiele der Saison 2023. Spielbeginn der beiden Partien des [...]

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Softball-EM in Sant Boi (SP) mit Lisa Delay

Softball, Women 1 Author: rh

Nach der EM ist vor der EM könnte man in diesen Tagen sagen. Nachdem gestern erst die U15 Softball EM zu Ende gegangen war, beginnt heute das [...]

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Bundesliga: Cougars holen beide Spiele gegen Tübingen

Softball, Women 1, Home Game Author: rh

Am ersten Heimspieltag holen die Cougars Damen die ersten Siege der Saison 2022 in der Softball-Bundesliga. Äußerst knapp ging es in der ersten Partie [...]

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Game Streams on TV

Softball Bundesliga (division 1), Haar vs Cougars, Game 1, Final score 3 : 5, 17.05.2015

Softball Bundesliga, Haar vs Cougars, Spiel 2, Ergebnis 11 : 4, 17.05.2015

Softball Bundesliga, Regensburg vs Cougars, Spiel 1, Ergebnis 8 : 9, 27.05.2018

Softball Bundesliga, Regensburg vs Cougars, Spiel 2, Ergebnis 10 : 0, 27.05.2018


9 Finja Binder ***
Position(s): OF, C, 3B
Previous Club: Ladenburg Romans
15 Johanna Blasberg *
Position(s): C, OF
Previous Club: Dosseldorf Senators
21 Maya Castro **
Active since: 2020
Position(s): P, OF
77 Ruth Charisius *
Active since: 1997
Position(s): OF, 2B, SS
Previous Club: Göppingen Green Sox
7 Selina Günzel
Position(s): P, 1B
Previous Club: Ladenburg Romans
25 Katrin Krieger
Active since: 1997
Position(s): 3B, OF
Previous Club: Erfurt Latinos
Statistics: Krieger, Katrin
22 Nike Lenhart **
Active since: 2018
Position(s): SS, 2B, OF
16 Mia Macchia
Position(s): C, OF, SS
Previous Club: Embry-Riddle Eagels
18 Linda Mößner *
Active since: 2002
Position(s): 2B, SS
Previous Club: Bretten Kangaroos
Statistics: Mößner, Linda
39 Lea Müller *
Active since: 2014
Position(s): OF, P
6 Kayla Simacek
Position(s): P, 1B
Previous Club: Bethel University
4 Carmen Thiemecke
Active since: 2004
Position(s): 2B, OF, C
Statistics: Thiemecke, Carmen
12 Melanie Thiemecke *
Active since: 2005
Position(s): 3B, C
Statistics: Thiemecke, Melanie
5 Jule Walther **
Position(s): OF, C, 1B
Previous Club: Schriesheim Raubritter
*Springer Damen 2,  **Springer Juniorinnen,  ***Zweitspielrecht


Rolf Hammer
Function: Headcoach
Stephanie Küpers
Function: Assistant Coach

South Division

Sunday, July 21, 2024
 Softball-Bundesliga Süd
TUB STU 6:12
1. STU 18144.7780
2. FRE 14104.7142
3. MAT 20137.6502
4. REG 1688.5005
5. TUB 18414.22210
6. KAR 18315.16711
Sunday, July 28, 2024
 Softball-Bundesliga Süd
KAR REG 13:00
KAR REG 15:30
FRE TUB 13:00
FRE TUB 15:30

North Division

Saturday, July 20, 2024
 Softball-Bundesliga Nord
1. BON 20191.9500
2. WES 22193.8641
3. NKN 1679.43810
4. HHK 18711.38911
5. COC 18612.33312
6. BEC 24618.25015
7. RAT 18414.22214
Saturday, August 03, 2024
 Softball-Bundesliga Nord
COC BON 11:30
COC BON 15:00
RAT NKN 11:00
RAT NKN 14:30

BWBSV State Trophy

Currently no results available

Currently no standings available

Sunday, July 28, 2024
 Softball Pokal
FRK STU 12:00


Sunday, 28. July 2024

Regensburg Legionäre
13:00 - 15:00 Cougars Ballpark Softball, Women 1, Home Game
Regensburg Legionäre
15:30 - 17:30 Cougars Ballpark Softball, Women 1, Home Game

Saturday, 31. August 2024

@Mannheim Tornados
12:00 - 14:00 Tornados Ballpark Softball, Women 1, Away Game